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Finding healthy food items isn't always easy, especially when you're restricted to a specialty diet. Shop for your groceries at Paradis Shop'n Save in Fort Kent, Madawaska or Brewer, ME. Our supermarket has a wide selection of fresh produce, delicious seafood and quality meats for you to choose from. Plus, our Hannaford products make it easy to find vegan and gluten-free food choices.

Worried about nutritional values? No problem. Our Guiding Stars program makes it easy for you to assess the health benefits of each food item. Each product is ranked on a scale of one to three to help you quickly identify healthy food options within the grocery store.

Paradis Shop'n Save is proud to support the Fort Kent, Madawaska and Brewer, ME communities by donating to local nonprofit organizations. Visit us today to pick up your groceries.

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Paradis Shop'n Save has been serving the community for more than 70 years.

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We're proud of our reputation within the Fort Kent, Madawaska and Brewer, ME communities.

Reach out to our team today with any of your questions or concerns.

Additional Services For Your Convenience

Our supermarket is designed to be a convenient place for nearly all your errands. In addition to shopping for your groceries, you can...

Purchase lottery tickets

Get a money order

Pay your utilities

Fax or photocopy a document

Buy postage stamps

Visit our local grocery store today to take care of your daily errands and common needs such as meat, dairy or produce.



Paradis Shop'n Save #8211

397 N Main Street
Brewer, ME 04412
Phone: 207-989-2666
Fax: 207-989-1465
Manager Carl Pelletier
Store Hours


Paradis Shop'n Save #8209

58 Main Street
Madawaska, ME 04756
Phone: 207-728-6316
Fax: 207-728-7841
Manager Brian Dubois
Store Hours

Fort Kent

Paradis Shop'n Save #8208

62 West Main Street, Suite101
Fort Kent, ME 04743
Phone: 207-834-3020
Fax: 207-834-3380
Manager Kathy Roy
Store Hours